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Hey Sis,

I’m Nonie, Founder of Highly Favoured Woman Community, Vision Board Expert and Life Coach for ambitious driven women. 

 In 2010, I began the journey of self discovery after making a lot of life mistakes which led me to feeling unworthy. Craving to discover who I was meant to be, I began the journey of a thousand miles to be where I am today.

I began this journey, in my final year of university,  juggling a fulltime job that I later lost and thus there went my main income (you can imagine how I felt). Feeling lost, I took several seasonal jobs to make ends meet, whilst trying to write and hand in a dissertation which I did thankfully on time. 

Making the decision....

Going through this tough season for what seemed like months on end, I started researching on how to cultivate and elevate my Faith in the idea my life was meant for more. So I came across  the bible verse ” Write the vision down and make it plain” Habbakuk 2.2 which from that moment onwards changed my view on how I wanted my life to be. I began my research and found Vision Boards and how they were useful as a tool to empower you to dream BIG again and bring your vision to reality in alignment with Faith. 

After watching endless vision boards on how to create an intentional vision board, I created my first ever Vision Board in June 2010. The Vision Board was the first step into stepping into who I was meant to be and being able to see the vision physically helped elevate my Faith levels. 

Some of the goals on my 1st vision board included: 

Running my own events planning company (I studied Events Management BA Hons)
Getting married and having 2 kids by the age of 30
Buying a home by the age of 35


Bring your Vision Board Goals to Reality...

You see, at the time of creating this Vision Board I did not have any idea that these goals would come true, I was intentionally single and in my final year of university but what I had was the VISION of what my life will look like, the FAITH that it would happen and come to life just as how God intended for my life to be full of abundance. 

Fast forward 10 years later and I have achieved all my goals from my first ever vision board: 

ran my own wedding and event planning business successfully 

got married and had my first child by 29 and my last baby by age 31

bought our first home by age 29

The strategies that I took in alignment with the Faith and Vision helped me bring my Vision Board Goals to Reality within 10 years. Now I am not saying it will take you this long to achieve your goals, each year I achieved some of my other vision board goals  which empowered me to dream big even further. 

Fast forward to 2021, my purpose is empowering faith -driven women like you  to create intentional vision boards, take actionable strategy, achieve their goals and step into their Purpose as Highly Favoured Women.

My Core Values


Without Faith, you have no hope that your vision board goals will come to reality. Having Faith is one my main values and is something that I share a lot with the ambitious Highly Favoured Women in the community.


I am big dreamer and a visionary which is what birthed the Highly Favoured Woman.


I love being surrounded by like minded women who are elevating and supporting each other in this journey of life.

Giving back

Whether its through your time or by sharing one of your gifts giving back is a great way to encourage those around you.

My Favourite ways to relax

I believe in filling your cup first to overflow, before you can start pouring out to others….

vision board coach
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