You have created your Vision Board and you know your WHY and WHAT you want to achieve in your life and the of goals seems to BIG and is overwhelming you

You had goals and have achieved them, but now you feel stuck and not sure what you want to achieve next and that scares you 

You know you are destined for greatness and have the desire to elevate your life and be more, but you do not have the support system to guide you and help you achieve your greatness to step into who you know you are meant to BE

I was in the same place, 12 years ago as a university student aged 22, with high hopes and dreams for my future but with no support system surrounding me to guide me. I knew that I wanted to achieve these three goals by the age of 30: 

own my own home 

earn a certain income 

run my own business

I was in the same place, 6 years ago aged 28, as a new mom and wife with big dreams of how my new life, that I prayed for should be and feel like, but with no one support me and guide me. I knew I wanted to feel and be: 
fully present for my new family
manage and navigate my career with a great work life balance 
elevate and find my new self in this new stage of my life 


I was in the same place 10 years ago aged 24, when I knew that it was time for me to let go of things that were holding me back and really go on a personal development journey to find my WHY and step into whom God made me BE. I knew I desired to: 

step into my full purpose whatever that looked like 

find and maintain great relationships aligned to my purpose 

be the Best Version of Myself 


Each new year brought about a new set of goals, a new vision board and high hopes of finally achieving them and the starting journey to becoming the Highly Favoured Woman I knew I was destined for. With little faith and actionable strategy, my vision board was just a board full of pretty images and words. 

It was until I truly discovered the meaning and the Power of Faith and Vision Boards that I found a working strategy to bring my Vision Board goals to reality. This strategy has carried me through the last 12 years and I have achieved all my goals and more over the years. 

Since discovering the Power of Faith, Vision Boards and Strategy, I have owned and run a successful Wedding and Event Planning Business, where I helped couples bring their wedding vision to Reality. Even then I used Vision Boards to help my clients create their dream wedding. The strategies have helped me to be in a position to buy our first home at the age of 29, acquire my desired income and now help coach and mentor Highly Favoured Women like you to step into their purpose and bring their Vision Board Goals to Reality. 

It's time to achieve all your goals and live your best life.

woman holding your vision board

Get guidance, clarity and be accountable for your goals. 

Find your WHY, WHAT and HOW you can bring your goals to reality

woman holding vision board

In 12 weeks, you will have the fundamentals to go after your GOALS with clear VISION and ACTIONABLE STRATEGY

In 12 weeks, you will go from writing endless to do lists for your goals to actually achieving them and be seeing the results from your vision board by creating habits and strategies that work. You will feel more CONFIDENT, AMBITIOUS and ELEVATED to live your purposeful life and become a HIGHLY FAVOURED WOMAN.


Surrounded by women just like you, ready to elevate their lives and support you, the HFW Sisterhood will be your accountability partners and sounding boards as you take this journey to achieving your goals and becoming the BEST Version of Yourself. 

In 12 weeks, we will deep dive on topics to help and empower you to release your blocks on: 

Mindset and Confidence: What and where is your mindset when it comes to achieving your goals. Building your confidence to elevate your goals

Habits: What habits do you currently have that are blocking your greatness

Vision Boards & Goal Setting: How to be intentional with your Vision Board and create SMART Goals to bring them to Reality

Practising Gratitude and Journaling: A great method to releasing the energy from your mind and letting go

Faith Journey: Where is your Faith Journey at in this new levelling up in your life

Highly Favoured Relationships: Understanding your needs to build long lasting relationships


Career Boosting Session: Level up your CV, Interviewing and negotiating skills for your new role (worth £250.00)

Side Hustle Skills: Turning your God-given talent into a side hustle to earn multiple streams of income (worth £250.00)

Highly Favoured Finances: Level your Spreadsheet, Invest in your future and be a Financially Independent Highly Favoured Woman (worth £250.00)

Health and Wellness Session: Health is Wealth for a Highly Favoured Woman (worth £250.00)




Identify your goals

I will help with clarify your goals so that they are intentional and aligned with your WHY.

Write the vision down and make it plain. Habakkuk 2.2

Overcome Challenges

When you often start a journey of self discovery, you are met with self doubt and fear amongst other feelings. By working on your mindset and beliefs, I will help you overcome these obstacles and leap foward.

New Habits

A grateful heart and attitude brings good fortune. By learning mindfulness techniques and practising gratitude you will move from creating and breaking habits to creating and implementing a new lifestyle.

Actionable Strategy

Faith without works is dead. James 2:26

By creating actionable strategies and being accountable, I will help you move one step closer to achieving your goals.

Weekly Live Group Calls

Join the weekly 60 minute live group coaching calls on zoom covering a specific topic, along with a Q&A

Learning Documents

PDF Workbook, journaling and affirmation cards

Accountability Partnering

Being accountable for your goals is the number one key to achieving them. With a Private Voxer Group, you will be able to share with other HFW in the Program all your wins as we work together. 

48 Hour VIP Bonus (worth £300 per session)

Every VIP Coaching woman will receive 1x monthly one-on-one 60 minute session with me. This hands on, personalised experience is your time to ask any questions, learn new exercises and find your way

Lifetime Access

By joining the program you will have lifetime access to the recorded resources for you to check in anytime in your personal development journey. 

Celebration Lunch

. Your journey and growth deserve a celebration. Join me an other HFW in the program to celebrate your growth at the end of 12 weeks. 

testimonial from client
testimonial from client