Do you find yourself setting goals at the beginning of each week, month, quarter or year and a few day later you have fallen off the wagon and wishing you had a strategy and accountability?


Do you find yourself looking for support and that community feeling from people that do not understand the BIG Vision you have for your LIFE?


The HFW Sisterhood, is not just like any community! In here we work with you hand in hand to offer you the support and tools you need to thrive in every area of your LIFE. 

HFW Sisterhood is the place to be and community to be surrounded by as you: 

✨Set intentional goals in your Vision Board 

✨ Elevate your unwavering Faith levels 

✨ Take actionable strategy to bring your Vision Board Goals to Reality 

and finally STEP Into you Full God-given purpose as a Highly Favoured Woman 

Do you spend most of your precious time in this place: 

😬 Thinking of ways to bring your goals to reality but don’t know where to begin

😬 Wondering why one minute you are all excited at the thought of taking action and at the sudden curveball you want to give up so easily

😬 You want to learn how to be productive with your time and use it wisely to step into your Purpose

😬 You want the tools on how to elevate and up-level the 7 key areas of your life: Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, Faith, Business and Mindset

If the answer is YES, then HFW SISTERHOOD is the ONE for YOU!

What current members say


HFW Sisterhood was born out of the desire to see women thriving in every area out of their life, more so when the pandemic hit 20 months ago. Suddenly you were spending most of your time at home, juggling it all meaning you had less time to dedicate on YOU and your goals. 

Some of you, you might have even told yourself to forget 2020, instead just live life day to day and see where life takes you. You see right there, was the cry for a community of like minded women who were going through this change together and now needed a direction on how to navigate it and still push forward with the vision that God gave them for their life. 

Which is why in March 2020, the Highly Favoured Woman Community became alive and a place for you to connect with like minded women and pursue your vision board goals in alignment with your WHY and the changes taking place in your everyday life.  With our mission FAITH +VISION + STRATEGY, leaning onto these three is the only weapon you need to fight through the limiting beliefs and challenges you may face as you walk towards who God said you should BE.

Who is the HFW Sisterhood For?

Woman who is going through life changing moments and needs some clarity and guidance

Woman who needs to up-level her mindset and  shift some limiting beliefs that have stood in her way for too long now

Woman who desires a connection with other like minded women, where she can be who she is unapologetically and knows she is supported

Woman who is juggling it all and wants to learn how to be productive in her juggling and thrive in every area of her life without compromising herself

Woman who has a BIG VISION for her life and wants to learn the tools and strategy on how to bring her Vision to REALITY

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How does the membership work?

             Monthly Topic Based Masterclasses 

Each month, a new Masterclass is delivered touching on one of the 7 key areas of Life. The Masterclass is delivered by video for you to watch at your pace during the month. Accompanying the Masterclass is a workbook. 

              Monthly Live Group Coaching Session 

A deep dive session on the monthly masterclass and the learnings. The Live Group Coaching Sessions are an opportunity for you to get any support you need at that moment through practical tools for mindset shifts and strategic action.

                       Book Club & Discussion 

Each month a book is chosen to empower you to learn new skills and habits as part of the personal development. Accompanied by a discussion thread in the community.  

                     Support and Accountability  

The support, accountability and the community is the glue of the HFW Sisterhood. The main aim of the HFW Sisterhood is to empower you to be supported as you work towards your goals and dreams which is why the accountability partnering in the community is the best at making sure you practice what you say you are going to do.

Topics Covered So far.....

Productivity and Time Management 

Elevating your LinkedIn Profile 

Working in alignment with your menstrual cycle

Intentional Goal Setting 

Selfcare as a Highly Favoured Woman 

Modern Day Proverbs 31 Woman

Managing your finances like a Highly Favoured Woman

Creating Intentional Habits

Phew I get it, information overload for you right and now you are probably hovering your mouse over the Join Now button, but you still have a few more questions? That’s ok, I wrote down a few frequently asked questions, which I hope will make it easy for you to decide:

Is the Membership for me? If you are tired of doing the same thing with no results and you are ready to take action and bring your goals to reality, its for you!

I am juggling a lot right now, I am not sure I will have time? The beauty about the HFW Sisterhood is that all the calls are recorded for you to catch up when you are free, during the school run, cleaning the house or having a cup of coffee when the house is quiet. 

I really want to join, but I am shy? That’s absolutely fine, the community is full of like minded women and soon you will find your tribe and you don’t have to change who you are to fit in :).

How do the payments work?  Your membership renews every 30 days and billing is automatic. Once you enter your details the subscription will be paid on the same day each month. 

BONUS: What if I want to cancel my membership?

I will be gutted to see you go, but I am sure you have a good reason in alignment with your WHY. Go into your account, click unsubscribe and the payment will not renew next month. Your membership will end on the day your payment is normally due, at least 30 days notice depending on your payment date.