So many times, you hear coaches asking you What is your WHY?, which basically means what is the main reason behind driving you to be who you are and do the things you do. When you look at it that way, its easy for you to define your WHY, however that tends to be your WHAT if not correctly explained on what your WHY is and why its important for you to know it. 

I remember when I started to research on How To Find Your WHY, I was amazed at the journey it was taking me and the more I researched the more I found out more stuff about me.

On this weeks blog, I will share with you three tips on HOW To Find Your WHY?

1:  Understand your current situation 

You need to really understand where you are currently and the decisions that you took to be where you are right now.  By being honest and doing this exercise you will get to see some home truths on why you took those decisions to be where you are right now. Some of the home truths you used in the decision making process would have been great for you at that time and some of them might have been due to trying to prove yourself. This realisation will start the process of self awareness in your decision making. Its amazing how your relationships can influence your decision making process. 

2: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Here comes the part that we all love, dreaming and visualising about our future. Listen if you know me, you know I am always talking about the things I want to achieve in the future and all that goodness. This to me is a perfect exercise because it will get you thinking of where you want to be and how you view yourself in the future. The way you visualise your future says a lot about your mindset and therefore your decision making process. This is mainly because its the decisions that you will make henceforth that will help pave the way to your future.  Once you are done visualising, time to dig deep and start thinking of your WHY.

3: Time to Find Your WHY

Your WHY is the most important tool in you achieving your goals. By using these techniques above you will start to uncover your why. You now need to review your future goals and start thinking of WHY you want to achieve those things. What would it mean for you to achieve those goals and live in your future? What benefit will it bring to you and those around you? Remember your WHY is not only about you, its also about the people that surround you on a daily basis e.g. your family and friends. Why is it important for you to live in that house and get that promotion? 

Once you have uncovered and written down your WHY, you will feel a sense of achievement because now you have a solid foundation into creating your intentional vision board and having the faith and strategy to go and achieve your goals. 

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Hope this helps you find your WHY!

Stay Blessed