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Hey SIS!

I'm Nonie, your Vision Board Expert, Coach and Founder of the Highly Favoured Woman Community

I empower faith – driven ambitious women like you to elevate and achieve your Vision Board Goals and bring them to reality through the Power of Faith + Vision + Actionable Strategy.

I am an ICF Trained and Certified Coach specialising in empowering you to find your WHY+WHAT+HOW using mindset tools to unlock your greater vision and purpose. 

My main aim is to show you that your vision board is not only for display and hoping everything will come to reality but instead to empower you that your BIG dreams are valid and with actionable strategy and faith the size of a mustard seed you will achieve your goals and be the WOMAN you are meant to BE.



Tired of looking for heroes in the story that is YOUR LIFE? Maybe it's time you became the HERO in your LIFE STORY through the Power of Vision Boards

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HFW Membership

The membership for every Highly Favoured Woman who desires to elevate herself and bring her Vision Board Goals to Reality. In the HFW Membership, we focus on the 7 key areas of your life to help impact, empower and elevate into being the Highly Favoured Woman who steps into her purpose through live group planning calls, monthly masterclasses  and monthly book club. 

Speaking Engagements

Nonie’s ministry is to empower women to be the best version of themselves by stepping into whom God has called them to be through the Power of Faith+ Vision +Strategy. 

Book Nonie for your event, to talk about Vision Boards, finding your purpose and rising through the storms of life. 


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testimonial from client
testimonial from client

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Ready to find your bring your Vision Board Goals to Reality?

Coaching is more than just figuring it out, its the transformation, self awareness and empowerment that it opens up for you to see and believe that you can achieve your Vision Board goals and bring them to reality through the Power of Faith + Vision + Actionable Strategy.

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